Critter Cavalry Rescue (CCR) is a 501c3 Non-Profit Rescue Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read and review these frequently asked questions before reaching out to a Critter Cavalry volunteer! 

When will I know if my application was approved? 

We will be in touch via email. Under normal circumstances, you can expect a CCR Volunteer to be in touch within a few days. That said, adoption applications are up 5x since the COVID crisis, so if you have not heard from someone in a few days, please be patient with us! We can easily have as many as 60 applications in one day for a healthy and popular puppy.  We are 100% volunteer-supported. 

How can I increase my chances of getting my application approved?

We do call references! So if you can let your references know that they should be expecting a phone call from an out-of-town number, that will help us process your application quicker! 

Okay, it's been a week, I've talked to all my references, and they haven't heard from you, how do I get in touch?

If it's been a week since you submitted your application and want to follow up, please email or depending on your location. Please include the name of the animal you are inquiring about in the subject line of your email! Please only email one of our two email addresses. 

Do you contact all applicants whether their application is approved or not?

No. We do try, but we're 100% volunteer supported, so we have to allocate our volunteer time strategically. We can easily receive two dozen applications a day. We apologize for the inconvenience. If an animal that you applied for is no longer listed, then this animal has been adopted. You can reference your recent application if you wish to use it in order to apply for a different Critter Cavalry animal. 

Where are the animals?

Most all our dogs are fostered in Tennessee and transported up to the Northeast or New England. Are you surprised because you're in the Northeast? We post in all the states (and more) that we drive through our route where we welcome adopters. Yearly we adopt over 750-1,000 dogs and cats to families who meet our transport at over 6 locations along our route from Nashville, TN. Animal transport from the south to the north has become relatively common since Hurricane Katrina (2005). Our transport program helps free up valuable space and resources at high-kill shelters in Tennessee and reduce the number of animals euthanized because of local overpopulation. We also do local adoptions in Tennessee. 

I'm in the Northeast; if I adopt a dog, when will it arrive? Where?

Our transport leaves almost every Saturday afternoon and starts delivery of fur-babies Saturday evening en route to the New England area. We will confirm with you the exact date and time, but typically drop-off points and times are:

  • 8 pm Saturday – Ft. Chiswell, VA
  • 10 pm Saturday – Staunton, VA 
  • 12:00 am Sunday – Hagerstown, MD
  • 3:30 am Sunday – Allentown, PA 
  • 5:30 am Sunday – Suffern, NY
  • 7:45 am Sunday– Central CT

Can I meet the animal first?

The animals are in different foster homes throughout Middle Tennessee. If an approved applicant is willing to drive to the foster home, a meet and greet before an adoption is possible. All approved applicants can talk to the foster parent who has been living with the animal. Of course, it is logical that you want to meet a pet before committing to it. Because we do not have a physical location in the Northeast, out-of-state meet-and-greets do not work for our organization's setup due to the logistics of our group and what's best for our Tennessee animals' mental health and wellness.

How much is the adoption fee?

Our fees start at $500 for dogs and $300 for cats and can be higher depending on the animal and circumstances for their vetting. All prices cover the health certificate, transportation up to designated drop-off points for families to pick up their pre-adopted animal, spay/neuter, rabies, shots, fecal and deworming, microchip, complete vet check-up, and four-way heartworm test if dogs are older than eight months. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so although other rescue organizations may have lower rates, these organizations are likely supported by supplemental donations that allow them to offer lower rates.

Can I volunteer to foster, then adopt the animal if I fall in love?

If you are interested in foster to adopt, please complete our adoption application and include this information. Keep in mind that popular dogs (young, healthy, popular breeds) are not often available as a foster to adopt. If a dog has been listed for several months (as indicated in its listing), then the dog may be available as a foster to adopt. The adoption application is available here:

Do I have to have a fenced-in backyard or work from home?

No. While some rescues require one or both of these scenarios, we do not consider this mandatory for every adoption. That said, we do require certain circumstances like a fenced in the back yard if that is what the specific animal needs. If you don't have a fence - just let us know, and we can help you find an animal that is well suited to your living circumstances.

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We love our volunteers, foster families, adoptive families, and most importantly our dogs. 

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