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Sheldon's Story

Sheldon was born and thrown away with his entire litter of 7 siblings when he was merely 14 days old. Critter Cavalry Rescue took him in and started bottle feeding the siblings to help them get stronger. What happened in the meantime was one of the tragedies of rescue in the south. Parvo.  

Parvo is a hideous virus that robs so many young pups of their future and life itself. Sheldon and 4 others of his litter fell victim to parvo before they could even be vaccinated. At just 4 weeks old, these puppies were fighting for their lives. 

Critter Cavalry and the Emergency vet staff shed exhausted and frustrated tears as one by one each of Sheldon’s littermates passed away. Sheldon, the sole survivor of his litter - a parvovirus tragedy.

Parvovirus is a thief that strikes fear in the heart of any animal rescue organization. The financial reality of the vet bills is high. Many animal rescues humanely euthanize parvovirus puppies due to the astronomical cost and the grim prognosis once the victim has been infected. 

When you sign up for Amazon Smiles, Kroger Cares, or donate to Critter Cavalry you help us fight parvo and other ailments that impact these vulnerable dogs. Your support goes directly to the care of these special animals allowing us to continue to do this valuable work for the animals we love. 

Sheldon | Parvo Survivor
Sheldon | Parvo  Survivor | Critter Cavalry

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